Mobilization of the Neuroimmune System – Milwaukee WI

Mobilize – to prepare, to awaken and to move.

NOI’s classic, longest running course, Mobilization of the Neuroimmune System, has evolved. Based on the latest evidence, the course has been completely updated and re-written ‘from the basic science up’. The research is compelling – the immune system via its interaction with the nervous system is a critical player in learning, memory, movement and sensitivity. This new understanding integrates peripheral and central processes and targets therapy towards healthy neuroimmune balance.

This comprehensive lecture and hands-on course integrates the latest research on neurodynamics and neuroimmune science to provide a clinical reasoning framework to identify those patients who will benefit from neuroimmune mobilization. The course then updates and refines the essential practical skills to examine and manage the physical health of the nervous system – skilled, safe and appropriately timed handling techniques are covered in detail during labs and practical sessions.



Course Details

Saturday and Sunday
February 10 – 11, 2018

Bryant & Stratton University
310 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53203

This course has been approved for 13 CEU hours by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy.

Luke Bongiorno, PT, MCMT

The cost per person is $525.00 and this includes all registration materials including the course workbook. Class size is limited and will close when we reach the maximum number of participants.
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Class size is limited to 30 participants to ensure an excellent educational experience. Registration will close once we reach 30 attendees.
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Our Faculty

Luke Bongiorno, PT, MCMT
Luke Bongiorno, PT, MCMTFaculty

One of New York City´s most prominent physical therapists, Luke practices a “hands-on” approach combining his advanced manual skills, trigger point therapy and myofascial release with neuromuscular/exercise re-education. Luke has a strong belief that education is fundamental in optimizing patient recovery and performance. He teaches advanced skills courses in Manual Therapy as well pain science education in the US as well as internationally.

As an avid athlete, Luke is at the cutting-edge of helping fellow athletes return to their sport after injury. He has extensive experience in the management of acute and chronic sports injuries and has completed marathons and been part of the medical team for marathons and triathlons around the country. Luke is also affiliated with professional football and triathlon teams. He treats professional and Olympic athletes as well as touring performing arts/dance company members. He currently serves as a consultant with the NBA Players Association as well as European soccer professional teams.

Since graduating with honors from the University of Melbourne, Luke has attained the Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy. Luke also has training in McKenzie Method mechanical diagnosis and therapy, McConnell knee and shoulder treatment and advanced taping techniques. Luke Bongiorno is the co-founder of NY Sports Medicine which was later acquired by Orthology. He is currently involved in clinical research focused on injury management and is developing guidelines for injury prevention in sports medicine and in the workplace. 

Course Agenda

Saturday, February 10, 2018
7:30 to 8:00am Registration
8:00am to 4:30pm 

  • Introduction, History and Definitions of Mobilization of the Neuroimmune System, The Models to Challenge Dualism, Problem of Pain, Basics of the Neuroimmune System
  • Evaluation and Palpation of the Neuroimmune System
  • Neurodynamic Theory, Neurodynamics Research, Clinical Reasoning and Neurodynamics
  • The SLR Slump Tests

Sunday, February 11, 2018
8:00am to 4:00pm

  • Sensitisation: Peripheral and Central
  • The Upper Limb Neurodynamic Tests
  • Management 1: Allied Education, Red Flags and Neurodynamic Treatment of Acute Presentations
  • Management 2.: Subacute and Chronic Conditions, Graded Activity and Neurodynamics, Neurodynamics in Brain Retraining


Course Objectives

  • Provide a basic knowledge of neuroanatomy, neurodynamics, neuroimmunology and neuropathobiology related to the manual examination of the nervous system.
  • Teach safe and effective diagnostic skills in the examination and interpretation of physical dysfunction of the nervous system.
  • Present neurodynamic movements and techniques as antigenic.
  • Provide new therapeutic narrative for explaining symptoms in conditions with altered neurodynamics.
  • Deliver a deeper understanding of known, ‘tough’ clinical presentations such as chronic nerve root problems and persistent entrapment pathologies.


Other Pertinent Information

If written notification of cancellation is received by NOI US seven (7) business days prior to the course date, the participant may receive credit for the full amount, substitute someone in their place or transfer to another course (within NOI US) within 12 months of the cancellation without penalty. No monies will be refunded for cancellations received within 6 business days. If the participant registered using a letter of credit or if the participant has been transferred from another course and the participant cancels, no amount may be transferred from another course and no other letter of credit will be issued. All credits are forfeited. No money or credit will be issues for ‘no shows’ at the course or for cancellation any time after the course start date.

General Mitchell International Airport
5300 S Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207
(414) 747-5300

Please dress in casual comfortable clothing. Part of this course will be hands-on.

Crowne Plaza Milwaukee West
10499 Innovation Drive
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226
(414) 475-9500

Holiday Inn Express Milwaukee-West Medical CenterHoliday Inn Express Milwaukee-West Medical Center
11111 West North Avenue
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Residence Inn Milwaukee West
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To Register With a Check, please send your registration information including name, credentials, email, mailing address and phone number along with a check payable to NOI US to:
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One major strength of the MONIS course is that participants join us from many professions so please come with an open mind.
Recommended reading includes:
• Butler DS (2000) The Sensitive Nervous System, Noigroup, Adelaide. (Chapters 2-5)
• Nee RJ, Butler DS 2006 Management of peripheral neuropathic pain. Integrating neurobiology, neurodynamics and clinical evidence. Physical Therapy in Sport: 7: 36-49
• Yirmiya R, Goshen I (2011) Immune modulation of learning, memory, neural plasticity and neurogenesis. Brain, Behav, Immun 25: 181

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Class size is limited to 30 participants to ensure an excellent educational experience. Registration will close once we reach 30 attendees.
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