Explain Pain 2nd Edition

Solid evidence now shows that knowing why we hurt will help us heal.

All pain is real, and for many people it is a debilitating part of everyday life. In a world where 1 in 5 of us experience ongoing pain and where there is increasing evidence for the failure of synthetic drugs, take heart: help is at hand. It is now known that understanding more about why things hurt can actually help treat pain.

Recent advances in fields such as neurophysiology, brain imaging, immunology, psychology and cellular biology have provided an explanatory platform from which to explore pain. In everyday language accompanied by quirky illustrations, Explain Pain Second Edition discusses how pain responses are produced by the brain, how responses to injury from the autonomic motor and immune systems in your body contribute to pain, and why pain can persist after tissues have had plenty of time to heal.

Explain Pain has sold around 60,000 copies world-wide in 5 languages and continues to inspire clinical research and multidisciplinary pain treatment globally. Explain Pain aims to give people in pain the power to challenge pain and to consider new models for viewing what happens to your body and brain during pain. Once they have learnt about the processes involved they can follow a scientific route to recovery.

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The Sensitive Nervous System

The Sensitive Nervous System updates and integrates the growing science of neurodynamics. Physical examination of the nervous system is carefully illustrated and explained. Management strategies are underpinned by cutting edge neurobiology and evidence-based medicine.

The years since the publication of David Butler’s Mobilisation of the Nervous System
(1991) has seen the rapid growth and influence of the powerful and linked forces of the neurobiological revolution, the evidence based movements, restless patients and clinicians. The Sensitive Nervous System calls for skilled combined physical and educational contributions to the management of acute and chronic pain states. It offers a ‘big picture’ approach using best evidence from basic sciences and outcomes data, with plenty of space for individual clinical expertise and wisdom.

The Sensitive Nervous System is accessibly written from a clinician’s point of view to give clinicians a framework to engage in modern neurobiological advances of the ‘decade of the brain’. The book presents novel techniques which are instantly applicable and will help you to listen to patients’ stories and understand them better while integrating modern bio-psycho-social constructs.

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Recognize Flash Cards

Currently available as: Hands, feet, backs, necks, shoulders and now KNEES!

Even simple exercises may cause pain if your brain can’t recognise whether you are using your left or right side. Recognise™ is the first way to accurately measure the ability to recognise left and right body parts and movements, and to train your left/right discrimination as part of a comprehensive graded motor imagery (GMI) rehabilitation programme. GMI is a sequence of strategies including laterality restoration, motor imagery and mirror therapy. Flash cards are an important tool in the management and rehabilitation of left/right discrimination (laterality) problems.

The Flash Card set consists of 24 left and 24 matching right images on sturdy plasticoated card, a non-permanent marker for writing on the reverse side of the cards and an instruction sheet with a reference list and suggestions of games to ‘retrain as you play’.

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Explain Pain Poster Set


As you use the book Explain Pain in your clinic or home, you will find some images and concepts stand out as particularly useful in the recovery journey. The Explain Pain poster collection is designed to help you and your patients take that journey. The posters can be used in a pain peer group setting, in the waiting room of your clinic, or as an educational tool hanging on the clinic wall for everyday use. They will help pain sufferers to make informed choices and guide them to recovery.

The four titles encourage empowerment: Take Control, Pacing Activity, Thought Virusesand The Road to Recovery.

Set of four posters, each A2 size (42cm x 60cm), plasticoated finish.




Sarah Bella Poster

Can’t get enough of Explain Pain? Sarah-Bella, introduced to the world in The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer, is a novel and interactive way to easily discover and learn more about the complexity of pain science.

There are dozens of pain science stories on and around Sarah-Bella for you to explore and discover – ignite your curiosity, and be inspired by this colourful educational tool to help reduce your pain and reclaim your life. Sarah-Bella has suggestions and reminders to keep you on track every day such as Pace it, don’t race it and Laugh, cry, learn, live, love and move, as well as ideas to encourage deeper contemplation – We grow like trees, The kisses of time are rarely dangerous and Pleasure and Pain are nearly the same in the brain.

Bring life into your home with the Sarah-Bella poster – she is sure to be the talking point!

Poster Specifications
• High quality print
• Plasticoated both sides
• 42 x 70cm (16.5” X 27.5”)

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Painful Yarns

This much anticipated collection of stories, written by clinical neuroscientist and co-author of Explain Pain, Dr GL Moseley, provides an entertaining and informative way to understand modern pain biology. Described by critics as ‘a gem’ and by clinicians as ‘entertaining and educative’, Painful Yarns is a unique book. The stories, some of his travels in outback Australia, some of experiences growing up, are great yarns.

At the end of each story, there is a section “so what has this got to do with pain?” in which Lorimer uses the story as a metaphor for some aspect of pain biology. The level of the pain education is appropriate for patients and health professionals. The entertainment is good for everyone. You don’t have to be interested in pain to get something from this book and a laugh or two!


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Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer

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The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer represents the next step in the Explain Pain Revolution. Ten years in the making, the Handbook represents the most up to date thinking, and many hours of espresso fuelled debate, from Moseley and Butler. The Handbook distils the latest in neuroimmune pain science into an easily accessible book for patients and introduces the ‘Protectometer’ – a ground breaking pain treatment tool.

In this patient-targeted handbook, we combine unique and original artwork with material that has been refined over the last twenty years. Scientists now agree that pain happens when the credible evidence of DANGER to your body is greater than the credible evidence of SAFETY to your body. Using this knowledge, we have developed the Protectometer – an easy to use tool that will help you apply this principle to understand and deal with your pain.

Co-author Dr David Butler, founder of the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, says that “it is no longer acceptable that pain be just managed: we must expect that it can be treated, and sufferers can alter it themselves through education.”

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Red Wedge

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The NOI Red Wedge is light, strong and allows very localised active and passive mobilisation of joint and neural tissue in the thoracic spine. These techniques are demonstrated in the Neurodynamic Techniques DVD and Handbook, The Sensitive Nervous System and on NOI courses.

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Mirror Box

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Mirrors may be used for a variety of pain and disability states especially involving the hands and feet. In particular, mirror therapy may be appropriate for problems such as complex regional pain syndrome, phantom limb pain, stroke and focal dystonia. Many people gain pain relief and better movement by using a mirror. The Mirror Box has had much success as a patient take-home resource.

Constructed from plastic corflute, NOI’s design is portable and affordable. Perspex mirror (300 x 295mm) and instructions included.

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Explain Pain Supercharged

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Moseley and Butler’s brand new book is for all health professionals treating pain. The authors apply their unique style to take the neuroimmune science of pain further and deeper. Ongoing pain is the most costly health problem facing the world. Based on decades of research, Explain Pain(2003) launched what can only be called a revolution – the Explain Pain Revolution. Explaining Pain has become one of the world’s most effective and inexpensive treatments for pain. It is now the cornerstone of modern pain treatment and rehabilitation – with clinical studies showing its benefits across cultures, conditions and communities.

Explain Pain Supercharged will provide you with:

  • Entirely original content
  • Applicable educational strategies
  • Curriculum development
  • Hundreds of ready to use clinical metaphors and therapeutic narratives.

This book is jam-packed with everything you need to provide effective, memorable, evidence-based, individualized pain education and treatment.

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Neurodynamics Techniques DVD and Handbook

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*NTSC Version, Region 0, Approx 110 mins running time, English. Spanish and Portuguese subtitles. NTSC is appropriate to use in USA, Canada and South America and some areas of Asia.

The international Noigroup faculty comes together to present the definitive manual of neurodynamic techniques for everyday use in the clinic. This book and accompanying DVD will help to deal with physical health and sensitivity issues related to peripheral and central nervous system based pain presentations.

Virtual body exercises are designed to encourage pain sufferers to re-create a positive perspective to their movement – what better way to retrain the brain than to imagine your body moving well, then pace yourself back into healthy movement?

This DVD and handbook is to be used in conjunction with David Butler’s The Sensitive Nervous System.

DVD and handbook are not to be sold separately.

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